Hand of Hope

  • Build schools/clinics

    Building schools and clinics in socially deprived areas..

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  • Provide supplies

    Providing school and medical supplies to challenged medical and educational institutions.

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  • Education programs

    Providing continuing education programs to adults: literacy; learning French; English as a second language; Computer literacy, etc.

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About Partnering

We would not be successful in carrying out our programs without the ongoing support of our partners!

The African Educare Mission Group (AEMG) partners with a number of Faith-Based (churches, conventions), Health Promotion Agencies (Hospitals, etc) and Academic institutions in America, Europe and Africa on issues related to Health, Education and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa and the African and Haitian migrant contexts in the US and Europe..

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BIMAU - A Key Partner

The Baptist & International Ministries at American University (BIMAU) plays an essential role in our successful programs!

BIMAU LogoThe mission of the Baptist & International Ministries at American University (BIMAU) is to provide spiritual, moral, and social assistance to students, staff and friends of the American University to promote Christ’s kingdom of love, peace, and life here in America as well as in different parts of our global village...

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How to Become a Partner

If you would like to partner with us or need our services please fill out the form in our Contact Us Section or write to: info@africaneducaremission.org

The AEMG has representatives in Sub-Saharan African cities such as Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Luanda in the Republic of Angola and elsewhere where it is carrying out its mission.



You Can Partner with us by:
- Supporting a child for school
- Supporting with a financial donation
- Supporting with medical and school supplies
- Joining us in our forthcoming Two Weeks Mission Trip
- Inviting us to your church or group to speak about our projects

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Continuing Education

Essential Training in Missiology

The AEMG provides essential courses in missiology.   These courses draw from theology, anthropology, sociology, health education and health promotion, public health, medicine,  economics and various academic disciplines.

As such, they are analytically pragmatic and contextual to address any issues of health, development, education and conflict resolution in any particular environment. 

These courses are designed for any person interested in the wellbeing of human beings, regardless of their academic backgrounds, religions and gender.  Our learning platform is always enriched with people such as medical doctors, pastors, engineers, businessmen/ women, laymen/women, etc. Moreover, they are scholarly sound and culturally appropriate that they provide both the rationale and strategic ways to motivate, empower, and engage individuals and communities in dynamic health promotion, development, and conflict resolution activities..

  • Church and Health Promotion
  • Church and Development
  • Church and Education
  • Church and Conflict Resolution
  • Current Dynamics in Global Mission
  • Doing Mission in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Training Trainers in Health Promotion, Development and Conflict Resolution

Another course is provided for those interested in mission work among African and Haitian migrant context in the West. The course is entitled:

  • Church and Health Promotion